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Ticket Prices
Children (4-12) $4.00
Students (13-17) & Seniors $5.00
Adults $6.00
Tickets are available at the door at the Plaza Theatre
1133 Kensington Rd. N.W.
(403) 283-2222

Public Screenings at the 1st Annual Reel Fun Film Festival!
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Our featured films:
Official Opening Film

Parental Guidance is advised, some themes and content may not be suitable for all children

April 24, 7:00pm
A Lobster Tale

Dir.  Adam Massey, 2006, Canada/USA, 95 Mins – English – Ages 12+
In a small Maine fishing town, struggling lobster fisherman Cody Brewer discovers a mysterious sea moss in one of his traps. Tension in the already-fragile Brewer family erupts when the supernatural quality of the moss is revealed. The moss seems like the answer to the Brewer family’s problems, but only after it’s affected everyone in town. Despite its magical elements, the film’s strong story remains grounded in its infinitely believable representation of a town of simple fisherman presented with an amazing discovery.

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Official Closing Film

Suitable for viewing by all ages

April 28, 1:00pm
Davie and Golymir

Dir. Darin McDaniel, Chris Smith, Neil Smith, 2006, USA, 45 Mins – English –Ages 5+
When the ferocious giant Golimyr threatens the peaceful village of the Zites, King Sullic sends a proclamation throughout the land calling for a champion to vanquish the foe. To the King's dismay, the only champion who rises to their aid is young Davie, a peaceful pear grower whose only defense is a sling, a sheep and his faith.

Set within the imaginative fantasy world of renowned artist James C. Christensen and based on the classic  story of David and Goliath, this stop-motion animated adventure is bursting with visual wonders. From sneeze-powered windmills to a colossal ship made of stone, join Davie and his wooly sidekick Chops as they discover a little faith can do giant things.

Preceded by: Quickdraw Animation Society Shorts

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