Thank you for making our 5th Annual Festival such a sucess!
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Our Mission
The Reel Fun Film Festival is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to bringing film and the film making experience to youth and families in southern Alberta. It is our goal to open minds to cultural diversity by showcasing exceptional stories of the human experience, promoting emotional intelligence and developing media literacy among youth in the community..

Our Story
The Reel Fun Film Festival was founded by Janice Fercho and Cathy McKee in 2006. After working in the industry, Janice and Cathy found that there was a need for a film festival/event that included international films exclusively for all family members AND that offered the opportunity for children/youth to experience the thrill of becoming young Alberta film makers.

In 2007 we launched the Reel Fun Film Festival with screenings only and in 2008 we added film making workshops ( that sold out in 48 hours!) to accompany our screenings. In 2009 we continued with our screenings and our workshops (as well as partnering with The Director's Cut in 2008 which we continue to go into schools to teach students/teachers how to use film in their curriculum) and we added the Reel Fun Family Day Weekend events that showcased the talents of Alberta's Film Industry by offering interactive booths that families could come and participate in film related activities before and after screenings.

Film is fast, fun and fresh, making it the perfect medium for today’s youth. Through film, RFFF can open minds to cultural diversity by showcasing exceptional stories of the human experience, promoting emotional intelligence and developing media literacy among youths in the community.

The Reel Fun Film Festival is a registered non-profit Society and a charitable organization.

Our Board
  Cathy McKeeFestival Director
Cathy has been a film fanatic every since she was a child. Drama in school and university took her to follow her passion of teaching - heavily influenced by the fine arts.Cathy volunteered at first and then worked for the Calgary International Film Festival over five years in the guest relations dept., family programming and in the sponsorship department where she met her co-founder Janice Fercho. As an ex-teacher and mother to four children (ages 12-23) she is thrilled to be directing and programming the Reel Fun Film Festival, and would like to invite you to enjoy the RFFF film experience with your family and friends!
  Rick McKeeBoard Chairman
Rick McKee is one of the original founding board members of the Reel Fun Film Festival and is the Chairman of the Calgary Reel Fun Film Foundation. His background in law has helped the RFFF read all of 'those' contracts, fill out all of 'those' forms no one else can read and sift through all of the jargon. Rick's passion has always been film. Whenever he does have a spare minute his favorite pastime is going to the movies with his family ever since they were barely out of diapers. Rick is privileged to be working with such a wonderful 'hands on' working board and their dedication is obvious and when you and your family come to the festival - you'll see what he means!
  Shawna Ogston
Shawna Ogston is a communications and media relations professional with more than 20 years' experience in Calgary. She has an affinity for working, and volunteering, with arts, charitable and non-profit organizations. When she is not attending events under the guise of networking, she is renovating her home; going for a run; or BBQing something for her hungry boys. Sarcasm and media gossip available on twitter @yyccommunicator.
  Angela Kokott
Angela Kokott is the host of Calgary Today on QR77 Radio. She brings to the position more than thirty years of broadcasting experience including being part of the Morning News on Global Television for fifteen years. She's the proud mother of two kids and believes in bringing great family films to a Calgary audience.
  Michael Kurtz
MIchael is an industrial designer with over 20 years of professional experience, and has been a part of the Festival since it's inception.






If you have any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at: or call Cathy at (403) 275-9373 / (403) 875-8875